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All of the psychologists at Allison Kawa, Psy.D. and Associates have dual specializations in neurodevelopmental issues and clinical psychology. This allows us to provide the highest level of care for children, adolescents and young adults that takes the whole person into account, not just a limited set of neurocognitive processes. We understand and appreciate that our emotions influence our cognitive systems and vice versa. We pride ourselves on our nuanced evaluations that illuminate the complex interactions between the mind and feelings, and the functional outcomes of those interactions. Our thorough and integrated assessments represent the intersection of developmental, educational, and psychological disciplines.

Each evaluation is custom tailored for the individual, using developmentally appropriate measures that will provide a comprehensive profile of the student’s strengths and weaknesses as a learner as well as identify any learning, processing, attentional, or social/emotional challenges. Our assessments also meet or exceed documentation requirements for accommodations at school/college and for high-stakes testing (e.g., ISEE, SAT, ACT, etc.).

The assessment is a series of appointments, starting with a parent intake meeting so that we can understand the individual’s history. Evaluations for preschool or elementary aged students include an observation of them at school. We are highly collaborative team players, valuing input from parents, teachers, and other providers so we understand the student in a more multifaceted way that transcends observations of behaviors in the office and scores on tests. Testing is usually conducted over the course of either two full days or four mornings. Each battery includes measures of:

      • Intelligence and problem solving (i.e., IQ testing)
      • Speed and efficiency of processing
      • Auditory processing
      • Language processing
      • Visual processing
      • Visual-motor and sensory processing
      • Memory
      • Academic abilities in reading, writing, and math
      • Attention
      • Executive functioning
      • Social/emotional/personality

Approximately two weeks after the last day of testing, parents return for a feedback meeting. In addition to reviewing results, we discuss a comprehensive action plan that includes recommendations for school and testing accommodations as needed, recommendations/referrals for outside help, and recommendations for home. A full written report is also prepared. The last step of the evaluation is a meeting with the student where we provide developmentally-appropriate feedback in a strengths-based framework so they can understand what we have learned about them. This is also an excellent opportunity to explain the plan to support them.

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